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School & Team Online Fundraising Stores

NOW is the time to start planning your SPRING Online Fundraising store.

SPRING is a busy time for online stores & we CANNOT accept everyone! The NEXT online store availability won't be until the FALL.
So don't WAIT. Reserve your spot NOW.

(BONUS for the first 10 schools/teams. Read on)

Watch the webinar recording below to learn.... 

  • How to set up an online store (We do 98% of the work)
  • How to optimize for fundraising SUCCESS
  • Time tested TIPS on what makes a successful fundraiser (we have years of experience on what does/does not work)
  • Work 1 on 1 with one of our reps dedicated to your stores success
  • ZERO cost to your school/team/organization
  • ZERO inventory to purchase (no more guessing sizes)
"Everything you need to know for online fundraising SUCCESS"

 Here's a quick recap for those of you who are SUPER busy!

  • Less is more: offering LESS options always results in more $$ raised
  • Keep it simple: simple designs that appeal to the masses
  • Set a time limit: Keep the ordering window SHORT
  • Get ATTENTION: Use all the digital resources available to PROMOTE
  • Most important, let them know $$ raised BENEFITS your group
We TRULY cannot handle everyone's request for a Spring store, so don't wait. Take action today to reserve your spot. Online spirit wear fundraising stores

And as an extra bonus, we will add a $50 donation to your overall fundraising PROFITS for the first 10 groups to schedule a setup call. We are looking to create long lasting relationships and not just a one time transaction. That's an additional $50 added to your fundraising store*.

Here's your NEXT STEP:

1. Schedule a 5 minute call
NOTE: Scheduled calls get top priority b/c it saves us a TON of time.


2. Request more information


3. We're ready to start NOW (Let's go!)